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Surgical Pathology Fellowship

Established 35 years ago, this fellowship has a strong tradition of providing education in all aspects of surgical pathology beyond residency training. Under guidance of known experts, fellows are granted progressive autonomy. This program prepares trainees for independent sign-out in surgical pathology practice and focuses in important subspecialty areas. Gradual responsibility provides opportunity for appropriately seeking consultation. State of the art ancillary laboratories expose the fellows to new diagnostic and prognostic studies. Interpersonal and communication abilities, supervisory and management skills constitute essential components of this fellowship. Academic activities are fostered; ample material, resources, and expert guidance are available for participation in research projects.

With over 50 years' combined experience, the directors have contributed to advances in surgical pathology. Faculty members are general surgical pathologists with specific expertise in subspecialty areas. Collegiality and friendly environment foster professional and personal growth.

The purpose of this fellowship is to train well rounded surgical pathologists who will become the leaders in academia and community practice.  The goal is to provide expertise in independent sign-out, diagnostic and prognostic advances, communication and management skills in surgical pathology to train future leaders in academia and community practice.

Teaching Faculty

Program Highlights

  • Two positions, each one year duration.
  • ACGME accredited.
  • This fellowship provides comprehensive training in all areas of surgical pathology in a large tertiary care center.
  • Rotating with faculty members, the fellows preview slides with residents and provide final diagnoses on biopsies and large specimens.
  • Fellows order special studies (IHC, ISH, EM, etc) for case work-up.
  • Fellows receive comprehensive training in frozen section diagnosis in all subspecialties.
  • Fellows participate in Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement activities in Anatomic Pathology.
  • Fellows review consultation and referral cases.
  • Fellows participate in the supervision and teaching of residents


Program Curriculum

For inquiries contact Maggie Truax, GME Residency & Fellowship Administrator.